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A geothermal loop is the part of your geothermal system that goes deep beneath the surface and connects to an aboveground heat pump. The loop contains the pipes that conduct heat from the Earth and transfer to your home or business. To learn more about using natural heat for your property, call 515-388-4732 today!

Cost-effective geothermal energy

Your home or business is already sitting on top of naturally stored energy that can be tapped and put to work for you. Larson Drilling Service, LLC can provide you with a geothermal system that takes advantage of the Earth's year-round ground temperature to heat and cool your residential or commercial property.


You'll get a geothermal heat pump that takes the heat from the ground and transfers it to your home. Since the Earth is an amazing natural solar collector, that heat will be replenished, and you'll have a continuous supply of heat. A geothermal system is an ideal supplement for your current utility system because it dramatically cuts down your costs for some of the most expensive tasks.

  • 25-75% lower heating costs

  • 30-50% lower cooling costs

  • Payback in 2-7 years

  • Lower operating and maintenance costs

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Using geothermal energy is an excellent way to cut down your utility bills by using naturally stored energy for heating, cooling, and hot water.

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