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When you contact Larson Drilling Service, you'll get a system from our family-owned and operated company that has been providing the residents of Iowa with clean and soft water for decades. For the results that come from 4 generations of experience, call 515-388-4732 today. Let's get started with a FREE estimate.

Softer and clearer water

Whether you get your water from a well or a municipal water system, it comes with iron, minerals, and other elements. You can rely on Larson Drilling Service, LLC to install a water conditioning system that converts hard water into soft water.


You'll get soft water that tastes better and is free of iron and odor. You'll find that your water heater works more efficiently, and you won't have the scaly build-up around your faucets and appliances. You'll get increased water flow in your pipes, and your clothes will come out of the laundry cleaner.

  • Better-tasting water for drinking and cooking

  • Less mineral residue in your laundry

  • Reduced mineral build-up in coffee makers, ice makers, and other appliances

  • Reduced wear and tear on appliances

  • Reduced mineral build-up in plumbing

  • Reduced lime scale and film in bathrooms and kitchens

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Water naturally contains iron, minerals, and other elements that change its taste and leave your laundry tinged with grey. Our water conditioning systems eliminate those elements.

Benefits of water conditioning

Decades of experience in softening water

Most of our water softening products come with a manufacturer's warranty, and we stand behind them.

Get Cleaner Clothes and Better Coffee With Water Conditioning

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